”Our new talent face exciting assignments”
20 Nov 2015 kl: 00:00

”Our new talent face exciting assignments”

As CEO of Sweco Architects, Jan Mattsson is responsible for Sweco’s entire architectural operations – employees, projects, and clients. With his 20 years of experience as an architect, Jan knows how important, exciting and developing projects are for employees.

With 650 employees Sweco is one of the world’s largest architectural firms. This is clearly shown in their previous assignments. Here you’ll find all kinds of assignments, everything from planning a new city district to the choice of your dinner table.
– The opportunity to try various types of tasks draws many graduates to Sweco. You could be working on detailed interior design, but also be a part of our operations in China, working with projects on scales that can’t be found in our home market in Sweden.

One of Sweco’s main ambitions is to quickly get their new talent out in the field.
– Our business model is based on letting as many as possible meet clients, in order to let the architects practise on that aspect of consultancy at an early stage. That’s why we make sure that our young graduates quickly get assigned to interesting assignments. Jan’s favourite projects were designing Sweco’s own main office and the development of the city district Colombo Port City in Sri Lanka.

– Designing a city district is exciting because it is so complex. It involves creating a functional, sustainable, attractive, and pleasant environments for people. For example, how do we place streets and houses to best utilise the wind and sun to create a good micro climate? The Colombo Port City assignment also involves producing sustainable solutions, something we are experts at.

Jan sees himself as a good example of Sweco’s opportunities for development. He started working at Sweco as an architect in 1999 and later worked as both studio manager and regional manager before becoming CEO.
– I have chosen the leadership path, but there are many paths available, and we are quite good at developing our employees in the direction that is right for them. One preconception Jan feels people have about Sweco is that, because of its size, its operations are hierarchically structured. But really, it is quite the opposite.

– Naturally, we do have a strong support system in place for employee development and check points that needs to be reached. But we make sure that our employees take their own initiative, especially the new hires.

So what is required to get a foothold in Sweco? Jan explains that they are looking for ”the best” — architects and engineers that are driven, independent, and good at creative design. In addition, you should like working in a large knowledge based organisation.
– This is a dynamic workplace, with plenty of mobility and depth. Our employees have a great opportunity to learn something new every day.

Sweco offers qualified consultancy services within technology, environment and architecture. With 9,000 employees the company group is one of the largest operators in Europe. Every year Sweco carries out 30,000 assignments in 80 countries across the world, from both the private and public sectors.

Number of employees: 9,000 employees in twelve countries.
Employee backgrounds: Engineers, graduate engineers, architects, and scientists.
As an employer: It is something extra to work at a growing company that is also industry leader in several areas. But this is the culture that characterises Sweco. Development is security for us. While the company is quite sound, we are also in constant motion. And, of course, it is the assignments we carry out for our customers that is the common denominator. Sweco consists of learning individuals who take responsibility for their assignments.

We also all share a commitment to help contribute to the greater good.
Recruitment: Sweco is expanding both in Sweden and internationally.
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