How successful people make the most of the weekend
8 Okt 2020 kl: 00:00

How successful people make the most of the weekend

To have a successful weekend, we need to feel as though we actually did something. This does not mean that you are out until 3 in the morning with friends; weekends are our time to rest, to recharge. The world’s most successful people realize that the weekends are the prime time to be productive so that they can set themselves up for success in the week that lies ahead. So what can you do to stay ahead of your peers?

Organize your days

Just like any other day, the most important thing we can do to be productive is to plan. If you have no plan for your weekend, 1 hour of television can easily turn into an entire day of not leaving the couch. Have a plan of what you wish to accomplish during your days off whether it be reorganizing out your closet, running errands, or cleaning your home. 

Try not to sleep in

We know, weekends are for sleeping in…but have you ever woken up early on a Saturday morning? It’s almost as if you get to live in your own little world for a few hours. Use this time to go on a run in the empty and quiet streets or cook yourself a nutritious breakfast while listening to your favorite music or podcasts. You might even decide to start a new book and sit on your balcony while you drink your morning coffee. The early mornings on the weekend are a fantastic time to hang out with yourself– without any distractions. You won’t feel the need to check your phone or social media because no one is awake, so there will be nothing to look at. Weekends are when most people post online so being able to unplug from the content-overload for a few hours on the weekend can bring you some much-needed peace. You will have more time to think, plan, and reflect.  

Running errands also feels like less of a burden when you’re the first one in the stores, have first access to the newly restocked items, and can avoid the afternoon lines. If you wake up too late, the day and the weekend can feel like it slipped away from you. 

Pick up a hobby

Many of the world’s most successful people have a hobby or passion that has nothing to do with their careers. Whether it be painting, playing an instrument, reading/writing, paddle, yoga, fishing, etc…dedicate a few hours every weekend to what you love most. Having something that you’re passionate about, can leave you feeling inspired and recharged on Monday. 


During the week, work and life often have a way of getting in the way of your plans to work out. Things come up and we have to cancel our gym-plans. On the weekends, however, you can use your time off to do the things that you did not have time to do during the week. After a stressful or long week, the body traps energy that needs to be released. Exercising allows you to work-off your week and mentally prepare for the week ahead. 


We often neglect our loved ones during the week due to the stress that comes with having a job and responsibilities, so take time on the weekend to enjoy quality time with friends and family. Plan a dinner, fika, or go for an afternoon hike with a friend, reflect on life, and discuss your goals and dreams. 

Check-in with yourself

Take time on the weekend to reflect on your week. Think about everything positive that happened in the prior week, what you could have done differently, and how you want the next week to look like. Many successful people allocate an hour of their time on the weekend to meditate, organize their schedules, and write down their future goals. 


A productive weekend is a successful weekend. Start the week feeling recharged, knowing that you used your time off wisely and you will feel prepared for anything that life throws at you during the week!