Sweco creates mutual respect through trust and reliability
10 Dec 2015 kl: 00:00

Sweco creates mutual respect through trust and reliability

As a service company Sweco relies on employees that feel well and are always given the tools and opportunities necessary to perform at their best. Will Sibia works as Head of Energy and Environment and feels that good leadership has a significant impact on sustainable development in society.

What is your management style?
– My philosophy is that all employees work best, and find the motivation they need, when they get to decide for themselves which path to choose. I never force my own perspective on anyone, I give my co-workers the freedom to take their own initiative. I feel that believing in my co-workers and trusting they will do a good job is important for establishing mutual respect.

How do you work to develop your employees?
– Each spring we carry out a comprehensive involving everyone and letting them voice their opinion is an important factor promoting their growth”review that we call the Sweco Barometer. The results tell us how we are doing in areas such as trustworthiness and management. After the review is complete, we hold private meetings, ”Sweco Talks,” with all employees where we set up individual goals. We also set collective goals for the entire group to ensure that everyone has the same idea of where we’re heading. Letting everyone take part and voice their opinion is an important factor in creating a good work environment, and for me as a leader, to be able to know which direction to lead the group.

How would you describe Sweco as an employer?
– Sweco is a company that focuses on the employee and encourages inquisitiveness and involvement. This gives our employees the ability to grow and trust their own abilities. Focusing and motivating employees enables us to consistently deliver high quality service to our customers.

What drew you to Sweco?
– The Energy and Environment group wasn’t fully established when I started at Sweco, and I saw my chance to be involved in developing something new. Being able to work with sustainability issues alongside being a manager inspires me, especially as I believe the key to a sustainable society is for everyone working within the development sector to have good managers that encourage and inspire progress.

About Sweco

Sweco is the leading sustainable development firm in the Nordics . Our 9,000 engineers, architects, and environmental experts develop sustainable solutions for our customers and society at large. Sweco is one of Europe’s ten largest technical consultant firms and each year carries out assignments in 80 countries across the world. Many companies claim to offer their employees the opportunity to develop. At Sweco, development is not an option. Constantly developing and being the best at understanding our customers’ needs is the foundation for Sweco’s continued existence and success. High demands are placed on those who want to be included and shape the future of society and cities, but a common response from our employees is that it is also one of the most exciting and challenging things you can be involved in.

Number of employees: 9,000 employees in twelve countries.
Read more: www.sweco.se