Get a job– without a network
6 Okt 2020 kl: 00:00

Get a job– without a network

Apply to jobs that YOU want

Whether you’re searching for the perfect position or the perfect company, when applying, let them know why you chose them. Many people send out a massive amount of applications but half the time, they don’t know anything about the company or position that they’re applying for. If the position perfectly matches your skillset and/or the company values and passion directly align with your own, be sure to say just that. It will be difficult for a company to reject someone who truly is interested in their business. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the employer, would you rather have someone who fits the position perfectly and knows very little about the company or someone who is truly passionate about the company but may need to develop a little more in specific areas? More often than not, companies are looking for someone who appreciates and understands the value of their business, someone that they can grow together with– long term. Be sure to let the company know what you value about them. Do they have a product or service that you use regularly? How does it benefit your life? When was the first time you were introduced to the company? What was your first impression and how did they inspire you? Did someone specific at the company inspire you? Do you have any ideas that could further help them grow and expand? Also, consider all the different people that their product or service caters to. For example, food delivery services not only helped local restaurants stay in business during quarantine, but it also brought joy (and good food) to their customers who were in risk groups, unable to leave their homes, or who simply wanted the luxury of eating a good meal without the added stress of cooking. It is important to demonstrate your understanding of how the company operates beyond the position you are applying for. 


A little bit of passion goes a long way

Demonstrating that you have a passion for something, whether it is job-related or not, shows that you have a fire in your belly– that you are driven. Being able to express that you have a deep love or interest in something means that you bring a new and authentic perspective. A person with passion brings value to the workplace because they are generally more interesting and innovative.

Being able to define your passions can also greatly expand your network. Connecting with people outside of work leads to deeper, more meaningful relationships. These people will be able to vouch not only for your work ethic and skills but also for your enthusiasm. Having professional recommendations are important in your job search but being able to have a professional recommendation from someone who also knows you on a more personal level is even more valuable.  


Be Yourself

Don’t try to just fit the job description, be more than that– be you. Dare to show your personality in your personal letter or during your interview. You don’t know anything about the person reading your letter or the person interviewing you, so don’t try to be the person that you think they want. Chances are that your CV is very similar to those of the other applicants since you are all applying for a position that requires a similar degree, experience, and/or expertise so in order to stand out from the other applicants, you need to be yourself. Give them an idea of who YOU are, what your values are, how your life story has shaped you into the person that you are today. Regardless of what you think, you are unique and will bring value to the company you are applying to, all you need to be able to do is communicate that. 


To be vulnerable – to really put yourself out there, and lean into it – is to live courageously.

-Brene Brown


Be courageous, create the life you want, and go get the job you want! We believe in you!