17 Dec 2008 kl: 00:00


Most people stop dreaming when they are half way through elementary school. We are asked what we would like to be when we grow up and then suddenly ”reality” hits us in the face, and we stop dreaming the big dreams.

Yesterday a father said; ”What am I doing at work, and why am I not at home with the people I love, my family, my wife, my children?”. It made my heart so sad to hear, and to see them having to part, compromise and miss each other – for the sake of paying their bills…

We sell our lives and we make someone else rich; shareholders, CEO’s and company owners. We sell our lives working at a reception, by a computer, a machine, in an icecream stand, at a cash register, in a bookstore, driving a bus or a train…

Most people say that they like what they do. That’s not really it.

Most people have managed to find something that is likable, and a few fortunate have found their calling and really love what they do every day…

I ask people every day: ”If you would have ten million dollars a year coming into your bank account without going to work, would you show up at work every day, year after year?” 99% immidiatly share their dreams with me of everything they would love to do – and it has never included their jobs.

What’s wrong with this picture?

The other day I heard a saying: We are the owners and inhabitants of this planet, why do we need to pay to live?

Well, we won’t change the system this week or even by the end next year… So what can be done? How can we manage the system we have created, so that whoever wants to stay at home with their family, can do that? How can, the ones who wants to, let their dream become reality? How can we help people dream the really BIG dreams?

What are YOUR suggestions?

How would YOU like to solve this equation for yourself and your family?

What is YOUR plan to become free?

I have some suggsestions and a plan for myself – but I am looking for more creative ideas!