Jeppesen Systems
2 Mar 2022 kl: 14:03

Jeppesen Systems

The next time you sit at an airport, look at all the pilots and cabin crew rushing between flights – one out of three is working on a schedule made possible by us. We solve some of the toughest optimization problems you can imagine in one of the most exciting and dynamic international business environments you can find.

The complexity you face when routing aircraft or trains and scheduling crew is staggering – choosing the best route, while taking crew salaries, hotel costs, union rules, transit times and maintenance planning in to consideration is breathtakingly difficult.

But we at Jeppesen are passionate about making the most complex simple for our customers, delivering maximum value.

Our development team is the largest in our field with experts in areas such as user interfaces, optimization, modeling, testing, implementation, consulting, service & support, most with advanced academic degrees. Jeppesen’s crew and fleet solutions are primarily developed in Gothenburg with support from our offices in Montreal, Singapore, and New York, and we see our products through all the way from advanced research and software development to sales, implementation, user training and support.

Our solutions support our clients’ complete operations from long-term planning, simulations and scheduling, to optimization of resources and day of operation control. Client value is always in focus, and we have a highly cooperative relationship with our user community giving us constant feedback on how to improve and develop our systems.

We have pioneered several new methods and algorithms for solving complex optimization problems, with significant recognition in the industry, and participate in joint research with some of the world’s leading universities. And we keep pushing forward.

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