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Daily Boost: Are You Blocking Your Happiness?

Daily Boost: Are You Blocking Your Happiness?
09 juni 2020

Are You Blocking Your Happiness?

Is there something in your life that you are resisting?

The old saying, ”What you resist will persist” is always at play. It is a potent force in both enhancing and debilitating ways.

In my life, I have learned the root cause of anything I resist is either fear of change or misdirected focus. Others say, “I haven’t learned my lesson.”

In any case, the solution has always been:

1) Identify the unwanted issue that is persisting.

2) Identify what the desire instead of the problem issue.

3) Summon the courage to stop resisting. Accept that you have learned the lesson. Commit to learning a new one.

What you resist will persist. Sometimes the only way to win the fight is to give up the fight.

Av: Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation

Publicerad 09 juni 2020
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