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To achieve a successful career in the labor market, it is important to start at the right end. Your most important tool is to get to know yourself. Only 20 quick statements away is your profile according to the test. So let's introduce - you!

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

“I feel others' emotions..“

“I am not really interested in others.“

“I do not have a good imagination.“

“I am the life of the party.“

“I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.“

“I have a vivid imagination.“

“I often forget to put things back in their proper place.“

“I am not interested in other people's problems.“

“I am not interested in abstract ideas.“

“I don't talk a lot.“

“I have frequent mood swings.“

“I get chores done right away.“

“I like order.“

“I talk to a lot of different people at parties.“

“I keep in the background.“

“I seldom feel blue.“

“I sympathize with others' feelings.“

“I get upset easily.“

“I am relaxed most of the time.“

“I make a mess of things.“

17 / 20

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More information about the test

The test you have in front of you is a so-called personality test. The point of personality tests is to examine the connection between how an individual answered different questions and how the same individual will probably act in different situations and be perceived by others. There is no "good" or "bad" personality, it can rather give you a clue in which work environment you thrive best in. Use the test as an aid in finding employers and work environments that are right for you. Therefore, it becomes important to answer the test questions sincerely.

Talent Data Labs, which developed the test at Shortcut, is the Nordic region's largest supplier of work psychological tests. Talent Data Labs employs psychologists and 'psychometricians' - The professional group that works with designing tests. The test you have in front of you is a test that captures an individual's probable way of being based on various parameters in working life. The test is tested against a more comprehensive personality test and the links between the results are strong enough for the Shortcut test to give an indication of how you differ (or do not differ!) From people in general.

No one may use your individual test results and share them with anyone else - it is you who decides on the information that can be linked to you. However, Talent Data Labs or Shortcut can use the collected information in an unidentified way that cannot be traced to you, for example to compare the differences between engineers and teachers.

Talent Data Labs may contact you with offers for other tests.