Mergers and Acquisitions Coordinator

Create Value In What You Do

The Mergers and Acquisitions Coordinator is an F12 Brand Ambassador for growth and expansion as they focus directly on the Mergers and Acquisitions process, from the initial review of an M&A opportunity, right through to corporate integration. As a trustworthy Networker, you will be discreet when managing sensitive information and is someone who is down to earth, tenacious, and highly reliable. You will always strive to deliver the best results possible. The Mergers and Acquisitions Coordinator plays an important role in ensuring the flow of communication and is confident in their abilities to make the best judgment calls, have strong written and verbal communication skills, and to create and maintain meaningful relationships throughout all functions of the position.

Reporting to the Chief of Staff and working with other leaders at F12, you add value to F12 by being dedicated to the growth and expansion of the company. You will maintain positive working relationships with Networkers across all F12 branches and actively strives to progress opportunities down our acquisition funnel.

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What We Offer

  • Comprehensive benefits package (Dental, Massage, Orthotics)
  • Health Spending or RRSP Matching
  • 3 weeks vacation, plus extra Flex days
  • Travel opportunities
  • Work directly with the CEO and stakeholders
  • Fast-growing company where you can work across Canada
  • Pristine office

Be The Face of F12

As the Mergers and Acquisitions Coordinator of F12, you will support the Chief of Staff in all matters relating to M&A as well as coordinate all aspects of a transaction. You are an important asset to the growth of the company as you will assist the executive team in pursuing new M&A opportunities, while also facilitating the diligence process (both remotely and onsite), and coordinate the post-close integration. This is your opportunity to partner with leaders and staff through acquisitions to develop and execute the short and long-term corporate acquisition goals.

Experience You Bring

With your positivity, confidence, and a high sense of urgency, you are able to figure out how businesses work. You will be a major part of F12’s success as you cut through the confusion, dodge any head-on collisions, and negotiate compromises leading to resolutions. Be a leader of F12 and listen to recommendations to find a way to create win-win situations, rather than win-lose. Don’t be afraid to apply your past experiences to overcome current situations. If you view obstacles as innovative and creative challenges, rather than barriers, your growth is endless at F12.

  • University Degree in Business or Arts. Related Diploma programs will be considered
  • Intuitively anticipate upcoming requirements relating to the M&A process
  • Being a good judge of intangible aspects of people and busines
  • An understanding of business financials – profit & loss statements, balance sheets, etc.
  • Identify business related gaps in acquisition opportunities

Cristian Sides, M&A Coordinator

”The M&A Coordinator role is a unique role. What makes this role unique is you get to touch so many different parts of a business – Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, etc. Not every one day is the same. One day you could be helping analyze financial statements, another day you could be meeting and working on a project plan with one of the many businesses F12 has acquired, another day you could be working on developing strategy with the CEO and Directors of F12, and another day you could be traveling across the country with your fellow Networkers to plan and work on a new acquisition opportunity. As the M&A Coordinator at F12, you are able to develop great problem-solving, communicational, and personal skills that will help you develop your business skills and create a network of connections!”

In your cover letter, we would love to hear about your experiences in Mergers and Acquisitions Coordination, and how you would like to develop professionally and personally with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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