Back end developer

Working at Enfo means the opportunity to work with some of the best niched players in the industry and to grow professionally with fantastic colleagues. This is why we are considered one of the best workplaces in the Nordics according to Great Place to work.

We are genuine, energetic and passionate.
We take our customers, their needs, and business success seriously. However, our attitude is anything but stiff.
We solve our customer’s challenges with an energetic and engaged attitude. And most importantly, in a warm, fun and friendly working atmosphere.

We have the courage to give and take responsibility
At Enfo, we embrace the skills and knowledge of our employees. As they put it: Enfo will never stand in the way of somebody who wants to develop and excel.

We give you the opportunity to thrive
With the Enfo team, you get the chance to work with excellent professionals and learn from them. We believe that interesting assignments and responsibilities will be the most inspiring drivers of your professional growth.

Welcome to join us in the Digital Dimension!

Back-End Developer

We are looking for a Node.js fanboy or fangirl who dislikes huge monoliths and prefer to slice up apps in smaller parts with a nice RESTFul API in between.

You will:

  • Code and commit – a lot
  • Work in a nice team that expects you to share your knowledge and experience and have fun along the way
  • Use OSS and open standards such as – ES6, Node.js, Git, JSON, MQTT, MongoDB, Docker, JWT to name a few
  • Spend time in the clouds – AWS, Azure and IBM Bluemix
  • Pick a side in the never-ending Windows-Linux-Mac playful bashing.

You will have skilled and dedicated colleagues as front-end and back-end developers, UX/UI, Technical Lead and Digital Strategists within the team Enfo Interactive. Our projects runs mainly in-house and you will work agile with the team cross-regions. We have close and professional contact with our customers and their project teams.


  • Have a slight smile on your face after reading about the role above
  • Great hands-on experience in modern JavaScript development
  • Experience from working in small innovative and cross-functional teams.

It is also beneficial if you have experience of:

  • RESTFul API design and implementation using Swagger/OpenAPI
  • Front-end development using AngularJS, Angular or React
  • JavaScript build tools
  • TDD, BDD and Clean Code
  • Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban
  • Teaching others your git ninja skills

Location – at Enfo central office in Göteborg. Travels are expected on a regular basis to our other offices and client premises around the Nordic countries. Languages – you need to be fluent speaking Swedish and English.


If you think you are suitable for this position do not hesitate to apply.

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